Our Story


The Origins

Ruby-Cell first started serving patrons at Seoul, Korea in 2012. In our first year, Ruby-Cell has won the Grand Prize Award in the Beauty Science Sector at the 14th National Science & Technology Conference.


Entering the United States

After the successful launch of Ruby-Cell products, a new series – ATO-RAK, has been released. At the end of 2013, Ruby-Cell has established a new branch in Los Angeles, United States.


Ruby-Cell Gives Back

Ruby-Cell believes in the spirit of giving back to the communities. Ruby-Cell has partnered with the Childfund Korea Foundation and also opened educational centers.


Expansion of Ruby-Cell

Ruby-Cell has experienced significant growth in business and established overseas branches in Japan and Thailand. We have also won the 2015 Korea Consumer Grand Prize that was presented by the Korea Consumer Association.


Awards and Recognitions

Ruby-Cell has won a Gold Award in the Monde Selection. We have received the Grand Prize for the 3rd consecutive year as the most trusted brand by consumers.



Striving to Improve

We have revised our Ruby-Cell series products to better serve our customers. We have also organized our 3rd “Sharing Love with Ruby-Cell” Charity Concert.

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Airbrush Technology

Airbrush helps with penetrating skin care products to the deeper layers of the skin and maintaining the cleanliness as customers are able to avoid direct contact with their skin care products.

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Rub-Cell’s Values

We believe that everyone deserves to have flawless skin and to live confidently. We have placed our focus on repairing the skin barrier of the skin and ensure to create a practical and efficient skin care routine.

Certificates and Licenses